Pitney Bowes postage meters weigh and print postage directly onto your mail pieces - and can even print full-color graphics on your envelopes! Find the size that's just right for your needs.

Connect+® 2000

Connect+ 2000

  • Revolutionary printing options in black and process color
  • Innovative Web connectivity for instant updates and support
  • Large, color touch screen
  • Three speeds (WOW/non-WOW): up to 115/180 letters per minute

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Connect+® 3000

Connect+ 3000

  • Revenue-generating promotional message printing capabilities
  • Customizable app-based navigation
  • Web connected for access to PB online tools
  • Four speeds (WOW/non-WOW): up to and 205/310 letters per minute

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Connect+® 3000 Pro

Connect+™ 3000 Pro

  • Color printing on your envelope to increase open-ability
  • Large, 15" color touch screen for easier navigation and more accessible data

  • Extended Power Stacker handles a wider variety of material at over 18,000 per hour
  • Total meter reporting with enterprise view of how, where and when postage is used

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DM Infinity™ Series Digital Mailing System

DM Infinity Series Digital Mailing System

The first USPS® approved high-speed digital metering solution for the production mail environment, the DM Infinity™ Series Digital Mailing System meters mail up to 22,000 mp/hr.

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