Looking to reduce transportation and logistics costs? Or thinking about finding lower cost carriers? Learn about our scalable shipping solutions that cover the range from mail center operations to production shipping.

SendSuite™ Arrival®

SendSuiteTM Arrival® tracks expedited mail and parcels after they reach your mail center.

  • Automate the tracking of mail after it reaches your mail center

  • Capture and store signatures

  • Automatic email notification when packages arrive onsite

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SendSuite™ Xpress

SendSuiteTM Xpress shipping software selects the right carrier for your needs, reducing transportation and logistics costs.

  • Select carriers and rates based on delivery requirements
  • Real time tracking – know where your packages are
  • Email and fax features

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pbSmartPostage™ Online Postal Service


pbSmartPostage™ Online Postal System

  • Good for shipping packages and infrequent mail
  • Print postage for letters and packages from any PC
  • Access from any location
  • Save up to 25% or more on shipping packages

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