To automate the processing of incoming mail, from envelope cutting to trimming, mail letter openers help your business operate smoothly and efficiently. See how Pitney Bowes can help with your mail opening needs.

DL50™ Letter Opener


  • Compact letter opener fits on your desktop
  • Opens all common envelope types
  • Opens up to 20 letters per minute

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DL200™ Letter Opener

DL200 Letter Opener


  • Open up to 250 envelopes per minute
  • Adjustable cutter
  • Cutting device housed securely inside the system for safety

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DL400™ High Speed Letter Opener

DL400 High Speed Letter Opener

  • Opens up to 400 envelopes per minute
  • Resettable counter
  • Small footprint
  • Technology protects contents
  • Waste bin ensures clean operation

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