Better integrate sorting into your overall production print and mail operation.

SortEngine™ Sorter Operations Software for Pitney Bowes Vantage™, Olympus®, Reliant™ and VariSort™ sorters.

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The base package for the Pitney Bowes SortEngine™ Sorter Operations Software facilitates USPS mailings for First-Class letters, Standard Mail letters (single entry point) and First-Class flats. SortEngine supports metered mail, permit mail and pre-cancelled stamps. Standard features such as flexible sort density control based on potential postage discounts versus the time to process lets mailers make workflow decisions on-the-fly based on real data. Mailers can also track postage costs, rejects and qualification level by customer to facilitate customer billing.

Upgradeable options include IntelliScheme™ Sort Scheme Optimization based upon the daily expected mail, Full Service IMb®, Full Service USPS Customer Supplier Agreement support, PostalOne! TMS Interface, Multiple Entry Drop Ship for better control over in-home delivery dates, and the innovative Jackpot Manager for consolidating postage discounts across multiple days.


  • Meet USPS mail submission requirements
  • Improve your postage discount and mail preparation process
  • Easily customize sort schemes for faster sorting
  • Leverage software across all PB manufactured sorter platforms

Mail classes
? Description
First-Class letters and flats, Standard Mail letters (single entry point)
Postage payment options
? Description
Metered mail, permit mail, pre-cancelled stamps
Compatible hardware
? Description
Pitney Bowes Vantage™, Olympus®, VariSort™ and Reliant sorters
Individual customer information
? Description
Postage costs, rejects and qualification level
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