Collate material at high speeds for greater productivity.

Operating at speeds up to 16,000 per hour and featuring shuttle, rotary and friction combinations, the Fastrax provides you flexibility in the products inserted and the orientation to which they are inserted.

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The Fastrax Collator, available in both 6” x 9” and 10” x 13” applications provides in-line operations, feeder backup, sequential start and stop functionality, batch count from many or all feeders, and an easy-to-use touch screen that allows for adjustments on the fly. The Fastrax Collator is the ideal machine in your operation


Conveyor upgrade, In-line integration.


Collation of products - easily integrates to other equipment such as wrappers, stitchers and stackers.

Feedable Material

Flats, single sheets, postcards, magazines, signatures and envelopes.


  • Speeds up to 16,000 per hour
  • 30+ stations available
  • Each feeder can be independently operated
  • Simple touch screen programming
  • Fast integration capability with wrappers, stackers and stitching equipment


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