Improve Efficiencies with Paperless Environment

This financial institution wanted to realize its goal of going paperless over three or four years, and turned to Pitney Bowes Software business solutions to help facilitate this.


Seeking to create a paperless environment, and improve the efficiency by which customers engaged with the organization, the company needed a financial services solution to help facilitate. Unfortunately, the mainframe used by the organization had been built 20 year before, requiring a drastic rethink for the digital age.

Achieving a paperless environment, including all the forms to be filled out and signed by clients, meant the bank needed to create digitized and fully integrated processes to manage all the interactions and tasks between the organization and customers.


The company settled on document creation and e-messaging capabilities to enable relations managers to visit their clients outside of the bank premises and to deliver exceptional customer service.

Relations managers, with these enhanced capabilities, could then use touch screen tablet PCs with wireless connections to connect with the bank servers for instant access to client and market information.

Using e-messaging and DOC1 solutions, clients could then view account information and sign documents via digital pen or electronic identity card. Agreements can now also be sent via email for confirmation.


  • Improved account management productivity for relationship managers
  • Raised customer satisfaction through easy online access to account information and management of financial transactions
  • Improved operational efficiency by up to 10%
  • Enabled account managers to focus on more appointments and consultations to generate additional business and profits
  • Streamlined input processes to help reduce headcount and improve productivity.

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