New USPS®  Postage Prices
New rates for Mailing and Shipping Services take effect January 26, 2014. 

The big news is the creation of a new price category for metered mail. When you print postage using your postage meter, you will pay one cent less than the retail rate on your First-Class letters. Learn more.

Highlights of Price Changes to
USPS Mailing Services
Mailing ServicesEffective 01/27/13Effective 01/26/14
First-Class Mail®  
One-ounce letter$0.46$0.49
One-ounce letter - metered n/a$0.48
One-ounce flat $0.92$0.98
One to three ounce parcel $2.07$2.32
Each additional ounce (letters and flats)$0.20$0.21
Each additional ounce (parcels)$0.17$0.18
Postcard $0.33$0.34
Other Rates  
Standard Mail®  Letter — 3-Digit Automation $0.266$0.279
Certified Mail™$3.10$3.30
Electronic Return Receipt$1.25$1.35

Details of postal rates
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First-Class Mail®

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Standard Mail®
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Priority Mail®, Express Mail® & Package Services
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Extra Services
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