In 2007, the USPS introduced rules under which rates were based on the size and shape of a mailpiece. Today, the shape and format of your mailpiece continue to have a significant impact on your cost.


Postcards still provide a cost-effective way to communicate to customers and prospects.

Mail that is too thick or rigid to run on the USPS processors costs more to mail.  Creating mail that is “machinable” can help you save money.

A one-ounce flat is double the cost of letter-sized mail. For example

 Effective 01/27/13 Effective 01/26/14 
First-Class™, one-ounce flat $0.92$0.98
First-Class™, two-ounce flat$1.12$1.19
Each additional ounce (up to and including 13 oz.)  $0.20 $0.21

USPS services for shipping parcels may provide cost advantages over other shipping options.

 Effective 01/27/13 Effective 01/26/14 
Retail First-Class Mail® parcel (no more than three ounces) $2.07$2.32
Each additional ounce (up to and including 13 oz.)  $0.17$0.18

If your mailpiece exceeds 13 ounces, First-Class Mail® will be priced according to the Priority Mail® schedule (unless your parcels qualify for First-Class™ Package Service commercial plus pricing). This is important if you’re sending parcels, because oversized packages may be subject to special rating guidelines that will vary based on how large the package is and how far the package is going.

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