Overview of annual USPS® price changes.
Under rules established by the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, price increases for Mailing Services such as First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® are limited to the rate of inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index(CPI). However, for rates effective January 2014, the Postal Service received approval to increase rates in excess of the CPI in what is known as “an exigent request”.

Different rules for different postal products.
Pricing guidelines follow two different sets of rules.

Market-Dominant Products
(also known as "Mailing Services")  
Competitive Products
(also known as "Shipping Services")
Price increase tied to CPI.Not tied to CPI, but must cover costs. 
Minimum 45 days advance notice. Minimum 30 days advance notice. 
- First-Class Mail®- Priority Mail Express™
- Standard Mail® - Priority Mail®
- Periodicals- First-Class Package Service™
- Package Services- Parcel Select®
- Special Services® - Standard Post™
- Single-Piece International- Extra Services
- Return Services
- Mailer Services
- Recipient Services

Schedule for Regular and Predictable Price Changes
By law, the USPS is required to maintain a schedule for future price increases.  This schedule is posted on the Postal Regulatory Commission website, www.prc.gov .

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