Business mailers who send mail using Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express™ or First-Class™ Package Service may be eligible for discounts off of the retail rates. Pitney Bowes customers may already have the means to qualify for Commercial Base Pricing using their digital mailing system.

Commercial Base Pricing. There are no volume requirements (other than normal permit imprint or presort requirements, if applicable). Eligibility is based primarily on how you prepare your shipments. These reduced rates are available for customers who use Click-N-Ship®, PC Postage® products, permit imprints, or digital mailing systems (meters) that generate an IBI (Information Based Indicia) and submit data electronically to the USPS.

Commercial Plus Pricing.
Eligibility is based primarily on your shipping volume.

  • Priority Mail®: 50,000 pieces in prior year as of January 26, 2014
  • Priority Mail Express™: 5,000 pieces in previous four quarters or have a customer commitment agreement with the Postal Service®
  • First-Class Mail™ Package Service Parcels: agreement to mail more than 5,000 pieces in a calendar year. (Maximum weight: 13 ounces, except for commercial plus presorted machinable parcels which must weigh less than 16 ounces.)

In lieu of past volume, you could also complete a customer commitment agreement.

Please refer to the
Domestic Mail Manual for specific requirements.

Select Rates Effective 01/26/14

Priority Mail® Retail Commercial Base Commercial Plus 
Flat-Rate Envelope $5.60$5.05$4.95
Flat-Rate Padded Envelope$5.95$5.70$5.35
Small Flat-Rate Box $5.80$5.25$5.20 
Medium Flat-Rate Box $12.35 $11.30$10.65
Large Flat-Rate Box $17.45$15.80$14.80
0.5 Pound, Zone 1 & 2   n/a   n/a $4.58
1.0 Pound, Zone 1 & 2 $5.60$5.05$4.95

Priority Mail Express™ Retail Commercial Base Commercial Plus 
Flat-Rate Envelope $19.99$18.11$14.85
0.5 Pound, Zone 1 & 2 $16.95$13.09$11.16
1.0 Pound, Zone 1 & 2 $17.95$15.13$11.94

Select Rates Effective 01/26/14

First Class™Parcels
Package Services
Commercial Base
Package Services
Commercial Plus
Single piece, max wt. 3 ounces$2.32$1.93n/a
3- digit presort, max wt. 3 ouncesn/a $1.38n/a 
Single piece, 13 ounces $4.12$3.47$4.05
Single piece, 15 ounces $5.60*$5.05*$4.05*
* With the exception of Commercial Plus, if your mailpiece exceeds 13 ounces it will be priced according to the Priority Mail® schedule. First-Class™ Package Service commercial plus parcels must weigh more than 3.5 ounces and less than 16 ounces. See more at:

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