Pitney Bowes has selected two winners in its inaugural Entrepreneur Competition.

The winners (in alphabetical order) are:

Andrew Boer - Movable Media LLC
Movable Media is a technology platform and marketing firm that helps brands become publishers by connecting them with influential “featured authors” who reach an audience, while helping authors bring followers to their content on brand-controlled properties.

"We are very excited by the opportunity to combine our performance-based approach to content marketing with a leading customer interaction solution from Pitney Bowes,” said Andrew Boer, President, Moveable Media. “We think this approach to content optimization, based on previous interactions, will be the next logical phase of content marketing for brands."
Elliot Klein - XYverify
XYverify operates a geo-location platform for enterprises to privately and securely verify customer location. They use the mobile phone as a proxy to determine customer’s proximity to transact around online sessions by authenticating mobile device is within approved transaction geofence locations to reduce fraud and drive enhanced location marketing intelligence.

“The ability to visualize spatial data and understand relationships between specific locations helps organizations working with XYverify make more strategic business decisions,” said Elliot Klein, Founder, XYverify, “By leveraging Pitney Bowes’ location-based data, companies can identify business growth opportunities and improve the value from XYverify location intelligence information.”

Pitney Bowes, working with the Stamford Innovation Center, launched an Entrepreneurial Competition to create connections with promising entrepreneurs and startups and to explore new business opportunities built upon Pitney Bowes technologies and capabilities.

There are 3 competition areas:

1. Location Intelligence
2. Secure Evidencing Platform
3. Connect+® web-enabled digital envelope and mail printing system

Each topic represents a key area of strategic importance within the digital and physical customer communications management (CCM) arena. The competition is open to both brand new ventures and those entrepreneurial companies that are already formed.

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Prizes for the Winners

Winners of the Competition will receive:
  • One year of free utilization of office space and internet access in our Pitney Bowes WHQ in Stamford, CT
  • Access to Pitney Bowes platforms and capabilities relevant to the three competition areas, along with PB’s technical and business expertise
  • An introduction and access to our partner, the Stamford Innovation Center, along with their mentoring and coaching services for PB Entrepreneurial Competition companies.
Judging Criteria

Submissions were judged on:

1. Business potential of the idea – customer need addressed and value proposition
2. Solidity of the business model
3. Value that PB technology brings to their success
4. Capabilities of the principal players

What’s Next?
Pitney Bowes is formulating plans for a second Entrepreneurial Competition in 2013. Check back here for further updates or register your email address to be notified of future updates.

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PB Entrepreneurial Brief
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