Our 3,300 active patents are the product of cross functional collaboration among experts in all aspects of our business. 

At Pitney Bowes, our research and development practices require that concepts meet the following essential requirements:

  • User value
  • Technical feasibility
  • Financial attractiveness
  • Corporate fit

Our Innovation Pipeline is designed to grow new concepts to meet these requirements and challenge our development team to balance ingenuity and practicality to achieve viable, valuable innovations.

User Value

At Pitney Bowes, we do not presume to read the minds of our customers.  Instead, we engage them every step of the way.

Customers provide inspiration for new projects.  They participate in developing our new concepts and in field studies that help us better understand the practical realities of our new solutions. 

Whether we are developing an enhancement to an existing product, or creating a whole new line of business, we rely on customer engagement to ensure that we are meeting user needs.

Technical Feasibility

Some of the most creative minds in the business come together at Pitney Bowes.  Time and again, they transform the industry by introducing enhancements and innovations that change the way our customers do business.

Engineers, scientists, designers and line-of-business representatives collaborate to fill gaps in user demand and open up new opportunities to create connections that matter.   They rise to the challenge of finding solutions that are at once financially viable and technologically feasible.

Fianancial Attractiveness 
Line-of-business involvement provides practical perspective - and inspiration - throughout the development process

Pitney Bowes line-of-business experts help drive innovations that make bottom-line sense for both our customers and our company.  They collaborate in defining the strategic questions that guide our R&D process, and they provide business insight in the identification of issues and opportunities.

Working together, our teams develop concepts with outstanding potential for profitability for both our company and our customers.

Corporate Fit

At Pitney Bowes, we take great pride not just in what we do, but how we do it.

The innovations we pursue are consistent with our capabilities. Our R&D efforts incorporate environmental sensibilities.  The development partners we select reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion.  Good corporate citizenship is at the heart of what we create, and overall, everything we do is designed to enhance our brand.