Our intellectual property portfolio includes more than 3,300 patents worldwide.   From mail production and processing, to cellular-phone payment, shipping, laser printing, and encryption, Pitney Bowes is a true industry leader in product development.

Here are just a few of our many important patents.

First postage meter
October 14, 1902; Patent #710,997: Arthur Pitney
Title: Postage Stamp Device
Impact: An entirely new way of measuring and indicating postage payment.

Fixed mechanical reset postage meter
May 23, 1972; Patent #3,664,231 Walter Hanson
Title: Locking Device
Impact: New way to add postage to a postage meter over the phone using a mechanical one-time-pad built into the meter.

Variable Postage by Phone meter
June 27, 1978; Patent #4,097,923 Eckert, Jones, Check
Title:  Remote postage meter charging system using an advanced micro-computerized postage meter
Impact:  Allows the mailer to add variable amounts of postage into the postage meter -- a big improvement over the fixed postage that could be added with the mechanical one-time-pad system.

Postage by Phone data center
March 8, 1983; Patent #4,376,299 Rivest
Title:  Data center for remote postage meter recharging system with a physically secure encrypting apparatus employing encrypted seed number signals
Impact:  Uses a data center with cryptographically protected records and protocols to secure meter refill information.

Cryptographic postage evidencing
February 3, 1987; Patent #4,641,346 Clark, Eckert, and Warren
Title: System for the printing and reading of encrypted messages
Impact:  Uses a cryptographically generated code to provide evidence of postage payment.

Open metering system
May 16, 1989; Patent #4,831,555 Sansone, Taylor
Title:  Unsecured postage applying system
Impact:  Allows the printer or printers and the accounting unit to communicate through a public channel using encryption. The printers may be of any off the shelf type capable of printing alpha-numerics or bar codes.

August 1, 1989; Patent #4,853,961 Pastor
Title:  Reliable document authentication system
Impact:  First public key based postage evidencing system.  The two-dimensional barcode contains a digital signature and can contain a certificate as well.

March 18, 1997; Patent #5,612,889 Pintsov, Cordery
Title:  Mail processing system with unique mailpiece authorization assigned prior to mailpieces entering a carrier service mail processing stream
Impact:  Used to verify that data associated with the mailpiece has been processed by the carrier or trusted third party.

Hybrid digital signature
July 24, 2007; Patent #7,249,259 Vanstone, Gallant, Lambert, Pintsov, Ryan, Singer
Title: Hybrid signature scheme
Impact:  Part of the signed message is hidden in the signature and recovered during verification, thus reducing the size of a signed message.