Pitney Bowes helps nonprofits reduce mailing costs

As a nonprofit looking for ways to trim budgets, your mailing operations may be a new source of savings.

Did you know that not-for-profit businesses are often eligible for substantial postage discounts with the U.S. Postal Service? Postage for a one-ounce letter can be as high as 45 cents at retail prices, but only around 7 cents for nonprofits.

With the right mailing systems in place, your nonprofit may also be eligible for further postage savings through automation discounts and interest earned on pre-paid postage. Learning about potential postage savings is one thing, taking advantage of them is another – it requires expert knowledge to set up your mail processes and systems to achieve maximum cost savings.

As a long-time partner to the not-for-profit sector, Pitney Bowes knows exactly how to help: simplifying your mail preparation, setting up mailing systems and helping you earn interest on your pre-paid postage deposits.

Our experienced advisors and mailing solutions will ensure that you:

  • Receive all the postage discounts you are eligible for.
  • Reduce your overall mailing costs.
  • Run a highly efficient mailing operation.
Contact a Pitney Bowes representative to get expert advice on how to take advantage of nonprofit postage discounts and reduce your overall mail costs.

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