Federal Government

Budgetary pressures. Accountability. Security. Service to constituents. Disaster preparedness. Federal government agencies face a unique set of challenges in providing information and protection to the public they serve. But the multi-layered organizational structure of federal agencies can lead to slow response times, sluggish process flows and waste. And frequent organizational or administration changes can also affect an agency's ability to perform smoothly and consistently. Pitney Bowes Government Solutions, a division of Pitney Bowes Management Services works with many federal agencies to overcome these hurdles so they can operate at peak efficiency. We help improve government performance with more responsive service, better communications, greater visibility, more sustainable environmental practices, and processes that remain effective and consistent across administrations.

Our solutions for the federal government include:

Customer Communications Management
Effectiveness in government depends on being in constant communication with the public. This suite of solutions ensures that your public service messaging reaches your constituents quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. From a single point of contact, we can integrate all the services and technology you need to execute an effective government communications program.
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Document Processing Solutions

Today, government agencies produce and receive more documents-- both paper and digital - than ever before. Our Document Processing Solutions will help you be more effective, responsive and economical throughout every step of the document cycle. We will also help your agency comply with environmental initiatives for a greener, more sustainable government.
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Managed Mail Services
Pitney Bowes provides the world's most comprehensive suite of mailstream solutions to help government agencies manage their flow of mail, documents and packages. We help them run their mail centers at peak efficiency with solutions that are cost-effective, reliable and secure. And because government agencies are more vulnerable to mail threats, our mail centers are supported by world-class security and screening systems to keep employees safe.
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Managed Print Services
Onsite or off, we can help you enhance your mail and print capabilities with the latest print technologies and expertise.
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Records and Information Management
Managing massive amounts of information is an everyday challenge for federal agencies. We can help you quickly archive and access your records, increase security and compliance, and provide real-time response to requests for information.
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