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Mergers, acquisitions and consolidations are leading to the international expansion and formation of global law firms seeking best-in-class process and technology to support their business goals. As pioneers in document management and support services for the legal industry for over 30 years, we are at the forefront of industry trends and understand your unique business requirements. We have the exact blend of people, processes and technology to deliver market-leading comprehensive solutions, tailored to meet your business priorities.

Our Reach is Vast
For the world's most successful law firms and Fortune 500 companies, we utilize proven best practices to deliver the right solution for immediate discovery needs while meeting long-term litigation readiness strategies. Our solutions reduce costs, streamline process and increase efficiencies.

Our suite of solutions is expansive
In a highly document-intensive industry, our full suite of solutions is the differentiator in today’s complex legal environment. We help you improve profit, productivity and customer service by optimizing the output of documents and communications. We accelerate the migration, processing and management of digital documents and support you in the management of electronic and physical data, technology, workflow and project support; enabling you to focus on your core business, the practice of law.

Litigation and Document Management
Managing massive amounts of information is an everyday challenge for law offices and corporate legal departments. We accelerate the transition of physical documents to digital records allowing users to quickly archive, index and access records while increasing security and compliance, and providing real-time response to requests for information. We manage millions of paper and electronic documents a year, ensuring flawless document quality, regulatory compliance and evidentiary chain-of custody. We are the industry pioneers in groundbreaking e-Discovery solutions. Most importantly, we offer experienced consultation and expertise from professionals who are –specially trained with a profound and intuitive understanding of your legal business. This enables us to provide solutions that serve the needs of attorneys, staff, clients and stakeholders.

Facilities Management
Our full-service legal solutions and our expertise in document and mail and office management give you a competitive edge. In your offices, dedicated mail, print, copy and records specialists, each industry veterans with an average of 10 years in the legal business, can help streamline operations and maintain your on-premises service centers. We will help you optimize staffing and business equipment expenditures, and manage workload overflows. Our on-site solutions support you in delivering improved outcome and better bottom line results.

Through our nationwide network of regional and national processing centers, you can securely access imaging, reprographics, finishing and other services to meet high-volume and specialty requirements. Rather than maintaining underutilized assets in-house, you can improve resource allocation through our "on demand" delivery of services.

The Pitney Bowes Difference

  • A trusted partner with successful relationships for 30+ years; a track record of providing savings and customer satisfaction year on year
  • Technology Driven with 3,500 patents and $1 billion in research; a focus on document lifestyle; automation and efficiency and tracking and reporting
  • ED/Litigation Support Experts with multiple solutions; customized workflows; national processing center and scalability
  • Expertly trained resources – industry veterans with over ten years of experience in the legal field
  • On-site and Off-site Solutions with 180 legal sites and 1,700 corporate sites; regional document centers in 10 locations with overflow capability for on-site

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We Support You
Our solutions are supported by a core team of experts that collaborate with you in the design, integration, and management of your legal needs on-site, near-site or off-site.